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Digital Marketing Agency for Web & Mobile

Our mission is to provide superior online marketing solutions that help increase our client’s profitability while they focus on their business.

We create the best approach to digital marketing by telling your story in a powerful way while building customer engagement that leads to increased sales and profitability.

Our Story

Superior Virtual was started in 2006 by Jennifer Hampton and our mission is to serve others.  We are a full service digital marketing agency specializing in Website Design, Search Engine Optimization, and Social Media Management.

We exist to provide exceptional marketing services geared toward lasting relationships and dramatic results.

In addition to being a personable agency, we offer our services for a flat monthly rate, with the option of adding services as needed.

Superior Virtual is staffed by local people specializing in coding, web applications, copywriting, marketing, designing, advertising and we care about each and every one of our clients.

Cups of Coffee
Happy Customers
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What our clients say

You have to look at Superior Virtual as the complete package. If you’re still wondering why is it that you are not getting any calls from new customers, you must contact them to learn how to use tools that will get you noticed in todays market place. They are the best in the field.- Bo, Business Owner
Jennifer Hampton and her team are truly experts in online marketing! They are full of knowledge in many fields, which enables them to customize the services they offer to fit their clients needs. Trustworthy and reliable, I would recommend using Superior Virtual to anyone and will use them again. - Carolyn, Business Owner
We never thought these results were possible. Superior Virtual was the only firm that was able to deliver true ROI on our social media. The difference between a professional marketing firm and an amateur is the bottom line.- Dave, West Palm Beach

See what we can do for you!

  • We’ll save you time
  • We generate leads for you
  • We increase search engine ranking
  • We increase website traffic
  • We increase brand awareness
  • We promote your products and services
  • We increase customer engagement
  • We listen and respond to customer’s requests for you
  • We conduct ongoing research for your brand
  • We build  and maintain online relationships
  • We monitor online activities for you
  • We build effective online campaigns
  • We reach beyond city limits
  • We write and target messages
  • We provide analytics and reporting
  • We create digital marketing pieces

Impressed? We’d love to work with you!

Let us offer our unparalleled services to take care of your online marketing so you can take care of the business you love.
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